Fund Watch received a takedown notice

We have just received notice from Ma Qian Cheng from iFast Financials to remove Fund Watch from the App Store. Because of this notice, we have no choice but to comply and remove Fund Watch from sale.

If you already own a copy, there is no need to worry because Fund Watch will continue to work as it is, at least until Fundsupermart changes how they list out fund prices. Be sure to keep a backup of your copy since you may not be able to re-download it once it’s taken off the store.

Fundsupermart notice to take down Fund Watch

We plan to take Fund Watch off-sale early next year, primarily because iTunes Connect is still not available due to the holiday  maintenance shutdown and we have some holiday plans for the year-end. It is still available now at the iPhone App Store if you want a copy.

Note that if you’re a Mac user, Fundsupermart Widget is still available (and still free). You can use the widget to monitor Fundsupermart Singapore fund prices from your Mac OS X Dashboard.

Thanks and take care.


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