Podcasting your RSS feed?

With a world streaming with information, gushing from all over the place, you would ask, who needs another one? But the internet is not created equally in all parts of the world, especially in third world countries.

While I was visiting my family in Indonesia. I realized how awful the internet connection there, except when you are in the hotel or in a private home with cable. You won’t be able to open a webpage without waiting a few minutes. Watching TV does not help much for world travelers, unless you speak bahasa, because the news are mostly in bahasa.

This is where News Anchor for Mac comes in. News Anchor for Mac 2.4.5, is a lightweight RSS application. You will need to buy it from the AppStore for 29.99 $, but I think it is worth the price. RSS is basically the text data given by news sites. So when you download your news, using RSS, you will only get the news, without the frills. You will need to read by yourself to get more details on this baby. But I will spill a few beans here relating to creating a podcast.


The screen you will get after installing News Anchor for Mac


When I want to know the latest news, I just need to click the Refresh button, then it will update all its RSS channel. It’s pretty fast.

Frankly when I am in Jakarta, I don’t always open my Mac wherever I go. Like when I’m stuck in traffic, opening your laptop is way to dangerous, unless you want some thugs to smash the window and snatch it away. The good thing is your feed RSS can also be ported into a podcast, so you can hear it in your iPhone, or smartphone, while on the go. Below are some screens on how to configure the podcast.


Click the ‘i’ icon, and remember to select ‘Generate podcast’, ‘add to iTunes’. It will get automatically synced to iTunes. Afterwards, since I am using a Blackberry, I run my Blackberry device manager, and sync the folder where the podcast is located with my Blackberry. You can see physically where the folder is by clicking the button ‘Show in Finder’. You will be able to find the podcast in the Music folder. Afterwards just listen to the news. Yes the voice is a bit robotic, but I like the synchronization feature between my Mac and my smartphone. Really gets me connected everywhere.



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