How to create a news show from a Twitter stream.

Do you know that you can turn any Twitter stream into RSS feeds? Better yet, not only Twitter timelines from someone, but you can get just about any Twitter search result as RSS feeds and use them in News Anchor or any other RSS reader (yes, even Google Reader).

Here is how you can add a Twitter stream as a channel source in News Anchor.

Go to and click on Advanced Search.


You should now see the Advanced Search screen. Enter the Twitter user ID in the “From This Person” field of the timeline that you want to watch. In addition, you can also enter other search criteria as you like. Then click on Search.


You should now see a Twitter timeline that corresponds to your search result. The upper-right corner next to the orange RSS icon contains a link to the RSS representation of this search result


Ctrl-Click on the “Feed for this query” link and select “Copy Link”. You now have an RSS URL containing your search result in the Clipboard.


Activate News Anchor and click on Add Feed. Paste the URL in the “Feed Address” box.


Continue just like when you’re adding other RSS subscriptions to News Anchor. You might want to try out this first by creating a new channel exclusively for this feed and see how it is presented.



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