News Anchor 2.4 Release Notes

We’re happy to say that News Anchor 2.4 is now available for you to download. Mac App Store customers can open the App Store application and have a look at its Update section whereas direct-download customers can simply choose the “Check for Updates” menu option under the application menu.

Summary of changes in this version:

  • Growl support.
  • Performance improvements.

Growl Support

News Anchor can now display notifications during a refresh cycle. It notifies:

  • When the refresh cycle is done.
  • Whenever there is a new episode created during that cycle.
  • Whenever there is a problem in loading data from any of the RSS feeds during the refresh.

By default News Anchor will only notify you when a refresh cycle is done, but you can turn on the other two notification types in the Growl preference pane (in System Preferences).

Note that you will need to install Growl yourself. News Anchor couldn’t include Growl since it is a system-wide component and Mac App Store applications are not allowed to install those kind of components.

Performance Improvements

News Anchor should now perform better and doesn’t lock up when you’re refreshing a large number of channels. This optimization should be more apparent for those using lower-specification macs (like the first generation MacBook Air) on really fast Internet connections.


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