Sim card not detected on Samsung Galaxy 3

My effort of registering my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone for a guarantee paid off. My husband in a feat of clumsiness, stubbornness, tantrum, had finally broken my Samsung phone. While returning to Jakarta for Chinese new year, he insisted on to changing the sim card while we were still at Changi. So I changed the sim card to the Indonesian sim, though I don’t see the big deal, we can still do it in Jakarta. But the sim card was not detected.

According to him, it is because I didn’t push the sim card deep enough, and I was just being plain stupid. I asked him for help, but he does not want to bother himself in such a trivia matter. What’s a wife to do then? I pushed the sim card deeper. But according to him now it went to deep, it also goes undetected.

This time I asked his help to finish the job. He tried to do it with a needle, since there is not much room to move the sim card by the fingers. But suddenly there is this tiny little brass like wire springing out the phone. I think he broke the sim card reader. So there I was with a non working phone, luckily I still go my Blackberry.

The best solution we can think of is to claim Samsung for a guarantee, which I don’t know whether they will give it, but it is worth the shot. Previously when I bought the phone I had it register online for a guarantee. We decided to do it once we are back at Singapore.

But things turn ugly. I noticed that I am pregnant, and the nausea and morning sickness just got worse when I got here. I really don’t have the will to do anything but to find solace in my bed. But my husband insists that I handle the matter as quickly as possible by my own hand. After delaying the matter for a few days, I was forced to go to Plaza Singapura, where the Samsung service centre is located.

The service is quite fast. One thing I have to say, DO NOT THROW YOUR PAYMENT INVOICE WHEN YOU BOUGHT THE PHONE. They will look for it when verifying your phone whether it qualify for a guarantee. But unfortunately, I have lost mind :P. Of course I don’t tell this thing to my husband. But I still got the paper card I previously filled when trying to apply for a guarantee. I didn’t use it, because I found the online method is much efficient.

Nonetheless, the strange thing is, they where not able to find my online guarantee, instead they are using my paper form to verify the guarantee, I have no idea why the system at Samsung is awry. After some waiting, the girl filled in all the required information, and I got my guarantee. (I think!!!!!).

Lets see whether we got billed instead. They say it will take around 3-5 working days to finish.

Aireen Deviani


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