How to screen capture from Samsung galaxy S3

Capturing screenshots from the Samsung galaxy S3 is easy, but you will need to follow these simple steps.
Unlike the Blackberry which has a clear selection of screen capture on every screen you visited, I guess Samsung purposely make it’s screen capture functionality difficult. I have no idea why, perhaps to deter people from copy pasting their design. But in one way or the other, sometimes you just got to share your screen shot to your friends for some phone specific settings.

I was trying to understand why my Galaxy S3 is so sensitive. Whenever I was reading a web page for a while the screen just went black. Unlike my Blackberry which is just nice. After a nice call here and fore, we decided capturing my galaxy’s settings was the best way to solve my issue. But how??

When I go to the settings screen and try to look for a “Screen capture” selection, it is not there. This is weird. But after looking for the solution for a while, I finally know how based on the description on the Settings. Below is the screen shot.

Screenshot 2013 02 05 23 07 32

1. First you need to put the palm of your hand 90 degrees against the galaxy’s screen. Or pretend like your hand is a knife, and you are going to chop the screen.

2. Then you will need to swipe thorough the screen, from left to right, with the same hand position ( or the other way around is also just fine ).

Samsung will then capture the screen shot for you, and you can see the screen shot in the Gallery.That was easy, although not that obvious for the novice users!!!!!

Next I want to send the screenshots to my friend from the email application. So I went to my Gmail app, I tried to send an email to my friend, but to my surprise, there is no ‘attachment’ button or option in the app. This is weird, even Blackberry who everyone looked down these days have the option. Why do they make it difficult. Do Samsung or Google feel the option will be wrongly used? Weird.

I needed to go the the Gallery, and select each individual picture. Click the share icon for the picture. The icon is in between the star icon and the garbage icon. Choose email as the method of sharing, and only then can I send the pictures. I found this cumbersome since now I need to send several emails to my friend.

Below are some of my screenshots I managed to capture. Apparently I needed to choose Settings>Accessibility>Screen timeout and change the default setting of 30 seconds to what ever time I want. I choose 2 minutes.

Screenshot 2013 02 05 23 08 07

Screenshot 2013 02 05 23 07 56

Screenshot 2013 02 05 23 07 51

I also devised my new knowledge for sharing Phewtick QR code with my friends. LOL. Not bad I managed to accrue 50 dollars by religiously scanning the codes every hour or so. My husband said it is a total waste of time. But I say, why not, I need a little pocket money to shop.

What can I say, although most of the crowds seems to be in hype over Samsung. I found there are something which they just intentionally make things difficult.
I hope my blog helps.

Aireen Deviani


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