How to screen capture from Samsung galaxy S3 – Part 2

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In February this year I made a simple blog entry about doing a screen capture at Samsung Galaxy S3. I did that because the mechanism is not very straight forward, so I thought it is worth sharing. Today Samsung has decided to change the mechanism. Making my old blog obsolete, and giving me a reason to write this new entry :D.

I started to notice the change after I got my phone back from the Samsung’s service centre, they said, they upgraded my motherboard and OS. I’m not sure about the motherboard version I tried looking for it in the settings configurations, but the information is not there. Right now my OS is Android 4.1.2 with the latest firmware update PDA:MF6 / PHONE:MB1 / CSC:MF3 (XSP).

If you want to capture a screenshot now you need to hold on to the power button and home key at the same time. Below is a diagram showing where the buttons are. Hold on to the buttons for 2-3 seconds.

Keys Parts Layout Samsung Galaxy S3 Sprint SGH L710

Samsung will then take the screenshot and save it in the Gallery, at the screenshots folder. Below are some screenshots from my mobile showing the same.

My main screen
Main screen

Look for the Gallery icon. Third row to the right.
Gallery icon

There is an album called Screenshota
Screen shots album

The screen shots

According to my husband, Samsung is changing its mechanism to follow iPhone’s screen capture mechanism. I guessed they thought it would help to convert iPhone users to Samsung users. I hope this post helps you.

Aireen Deviani


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