Bigger Picture 1.1.2 Maintenance Release

Bigger Picture 1.1.2 is a minor release which adds user interface improvements to the application.

  • Quitting the application while an image render job is in progress would ask for confirmation — this prevents you from inadvertently stopping a render mid-way.
  • Made the render status window title and menu option consistent.
  • Provides clarification that the “SuperResolution” in-app purchase is a one-time only.
  • Improved the in-app purchase experience to automatically highlight the in-app purchase option so that the “Buy” button will be enabled.

Bigger picture dark mode

This update is free for all current customers of Bigger Picture.  If you haven’t updated, please check for updates via the Mac App Store application in your system.

As a reminder, Bigger Picture’s in-app purchase is a one-time non-consumable purchase. There is no limit of how many images that you can process. Similarly there is no artificial limit on the image’s resolution that you can process — only limited to the amount of memory and free storage space on your primary volume.

Bigger Picture can be downloaded for free and use without purchasing. This allows you to test out the application’s rendering quality and see whether it fits your need.  Without the in-app purchase, Bigger Picture works in an unlimited-time trial mode in which the resulting image will be watermarked with the app’s name and website link.  Buying the SuperResolution in-app purchase would remove the watermark for all subsequent renders.

This is unlike some of our competitor’s pricing scheme.  Some competitors charge a monthly subscription.  Furthermore they limit the number of images that you can process every month given a subscription plan. Some others charge by the number of images that you can process — they sell blocks of a few hundred images and you need to buy more credits when you run out. Worse, subscription-based competitors often places artificial limits of the size of your image — often you can’t process bigger than about twenty megapixels.

In contrast Bigger Picture allows you to process as many images as you need. It’s batch processing feature enable you to enlarge many images and continue your work while it is working in the background.  You can enlarge images up to 8✕ its the original size without degradation in image quality. Moreover Bigger Picture has been tested to generate over 400 megapixel images on a MacBook Pro with 16 GiB of RAM.


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