Go Edit 1.1.2 Release Notes

This release of Go Edit improves support for the iPhone X and fixes markdown editing bugs. 

Go Edit with iPhone X – Markdown, HTML, and Cropping

The iPhone X safe areas have been observed. Thus the editor should not move the insertion point beyond these safe areas.

The scrolling issue on the markdown editor has been fixed. This appeared when the editor is started in markdown mode with an empty document and uses the built-in keyboard on iOS 11, in which only about half of the screen is scrollable when the markdown editor is modifying the document.

Go Edit is our Markdown/HTML note-taker that enables you to keep rich text notes without being locked down to a proprietary format. It combines both text and images in an open Textbundle file format which contains the markdown or HTML text along with its images in a file bundle folder. This release of Go Edit requires iOS 9 or later.


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