Instant Motivator 3.0 Release Notes

Version 3.0 of Instant Motivator improves compatibility with recent releases of iOS — both software and new hardware form factors, along with bug fixes and user interface enhancements. The following list summarizes the improvements in this release.

  • Moved minimum version of iOS to version 8.4, which was 7.1 in the previous release.
  • Added 3x artworks — Instant Motivator will look sharper in the Plus sizes of iPhone.
  • Re-done icon artwork and new icon supporting the iPad Pro screen resolution.
  • Improved appearance of the motivational image list screen.
  • Migrated away from deprecated API calls.
  • Updated URL references to HTTPS.
  • Improved navigation when run on the iPad.
  • Upgraded crash reporting library.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

The most significant change with this release is the move forward the minimum supported operating system version to iOS 8.4. As we removed calls to API functions that have become deprecated in iOS 10, it becomes really hard to keep supporting iOS 7.1 — much less making sure it will function in the upcoming iOS 11. One major reason for bumping up the minimum required version comes from how iOS evolved into supporting multiple device form factors. Storyboards supporting both the iPad and iPhone form factors became stable in iOS 8.

We’ve also improved the motivational image list. Thumbnails are now shown on the leading side of the list (usually left, but also depends on your language of choice) and in same-sized squares. Previously the thumbnails were shown on the right and in differing sizes.

Instant Motivator Image List comparison

The application icon have also changed and updated to support the iPad Pro. The main reason for the change is that we couldn’t open the original file any longer. It was done on Pixelmator 1.x which stopped functioning in more recent versions of macOS. What’s worse is that the iOS version of Pixelmator (which is still functioning) can’t open files from Pixelmator 1.x. In any case, we’ve re-drawn the icon and took the opportunity to fit it with the current iOS version.

Instant Motivator icon comparison

That’s all folks, take care. Check out Instant Motivator at the iOS App Store.




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