First kiss in Developing Adroid application

First, don’t get me wrong, I think writing Adroid application is a lot easier than
writing Blackberry application. The documentation is a lot easier to read and
understand for the average people. But since I am also doing a full time job which
from time to time demands me to do overtime, I need to make use of my time creatively
in writing Android apps. In the process I found several interesting facts I would
like to share with you all.

After much effort my first app is written for Android 2.2, because theys say the
platform is the most popular one, it runs fine with an AVD which is set for
Android 2.2. But when I tried to run the application with an AVD which is et for Android
3.0, I cannot get my application started. Which is quite strange, I need to set my AVD
to Android 2.2, I thought according to their documentations Android support backend
compability and encourage developers to test so.

Since I am a busy person,I don’t have enough time to going through all the
documentations, so I copy and paste existing examples, and try to jigsaw the code
here and there, some of them seems to work. But I have to say the structure of code
between the programmes at the ‘Hello Views’ samples seem different from one onether.
I cannot get to the screen design that I want just by copy pasting the code. I need
to really see the documentations to know how to design the screens. Which what I am
trying to do. But darn, I need to do over time for the last 3 days. See for my latest
update once I finished.


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