Rooster 1.1.1 Release Notes

This release of Rooster — the Wake-on-LAN app for the Apple TV — adds support for 4K (ultra-high definition television) resolutions available from the 5th generation Apple TV. All graphics and artwork would look much sharper on a 4K TV screen when paired with the appropriate Apple TV.

Rooster for Apple TV

There are also a number of under-the-hood improvements and stability enhancements. The application’s code base has been migrated to Swift 4.0 programming language — to put it in a better position for tvOS 11 when it is released — and future versions of tvOS.  Nevertheless, Rooster still supports tvOS 10.2 — the current stable release — and the 4th generation Apple TV.

That’s all for now. Please search for Rooster on your Apple TV to install and download the app.



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