Speech Timer for Android Progress

(Update: Speech Timer for Android is Live!)

Hi All,

I know progress have been slow. But there have been so many things going on. Right now, I have finished making the initial screens for Speech Timer. Only 3 screens for now, but I hope I can add it up. The difficult part about android the multiple screen dimensions it offers, so I need to adjust the display to multiple screens, and yes I am still new to this platform. Below are the screenshots I have made so far. Some of the icons display are still inappropriate in color, but I will fix this.



History Types


The first one is the Timer screen, where the real action of timing the speech happens. It does not do much yet, but if I click the watch icon, it will go to the second screen. The second screen is the Speech History screen, where you can keep track of the speech records taken, again, it does not do much. Now if I click the gear icon, it will go to the third screen, the Speech Types screen, this is where the types of speeches are configured.

I hope to update you soon 🙂



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