News Anchor and OS X Lion’s Sandboxing

Hello Information Enthusiasts!

Apple have confirmed the final due date of applying sandboxing to Mac App Store applications at June 1, 2012. I’m glad to say that News Anchor have met the original deadline and the App Store version have been sandboxed ever since.

However sandboxing means that we had to remove a number of features from the App Store version of News Anchor:

  • Support for Apple Infrared Remote Control. You’ll need to use the keyboard or on-screen playback control to skip news items or stop the channel playback. 
  • Hidden refresh. You will need to run News Anchor for it to load new news items and generate new channel episodes.

If you’ve bought News Anchor from the Mac App Store and really need these features, you can use the direct-download version instead. The trial version of News Anchor from our website can read the license of its Mac App Store counterpart and use that to remove all trial limitations – thus you don’t need to re-purchase News Anchor to get these features back.  Just run the App Store version of News Anchor at least once (for every Mac that you are entitled to) so that it can save your license file in a place that can be read by the direct-download version.

That’s all for now. Take care.



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