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Finally after a bumpy ride early in my pregnancy, it gets better, although I still get morning sickness, but now it is more manageable. But we are here not to discuss my pregnancy, instead, I would like to announce Speech Timer for Android is finally LIVE!!

I am so excited. Now Speech Timer is available for both iPhone and Android platforms. I have seen and tested several applications in Google Play in the same category with Speech Timer, but most of the GUI and features are rudimentary compared to Speech Timer. There are some minor differences compared with iPhone version. Here I will spill out the differences. For more information regarding using Speech Timer for Android, please go to Speech Timer for Android User’s Guide.

First you will notice the graphical differences. I need to do it, because previously in the iPhone version we were using Apple’s platform specific GUI. But most of the display will be almost the same with the iPhone version. Below is the the main screen displayed. You can see more on the GUI details at the aforementioned user guide.

Main screen

Speech Timer is an application which aims in helping people practice their speech. It can be very handy for people taking speech courses such as Toastmasters. Of course it is not as complete as of taking the speech course itself. But it helps people a lot when they prepare and practice their speech themselves at their home. It is compatible with devices which has at least Android 2.3.3 operating system.

The working functionality is similar to the iPhone version, ant it is quite intuitive for first timers which are already accustomed with the Toastmasters course.

At the speech timer main page, I changed the logic of the time recorded, normal users should not feel the difference, it is to fix a current bug in the live product when calculating the speech duration.

At the speech history tab, there is an icon to send the report to all participants, as long as their email addresses are in the phone book. But because not all android phones are created equal. I provided two formats of emails, one format is for Android phones which support csv attachment, and the other one is a text only format for phones which does not support csv. Below is the screen showing an email with no csv attachment. As you can see, the content of the attachment is now in the body of the email.

Screen Shot 2013 04 09 at 7 15 19 PM

To give more flexibility, at the speech setup tab now users can determine the duration of a phase, up to the seconds detail. Previously on the iPhone version, the smallest time unit is five seconds. Below is a screen shot from the speech setup page.

Screen Shot 2013 04 09 at 6 14 54 PM

Please help us to improve our product by kindly reporting to us at support@basil-salad.com, if you find any problem or if you would like us to add a new feature. I would like to extend Speech Timer to cater more types of speech courses, but right now I only know of ToastMasters. If any one would like me to make an app for another type of speech course, I would be pleased to help.

Download Speech Timer on Google Play

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