Speech Timer 2.2 for Mac Adds Touch Bar Support

Just got a MacBook Pro with the spiffy new Touch Bar? Add Speech Timer to your list of favorite apps that supports your fine new laptop.

Starting version 2.2, Speech Timer for macOS adds support for the new touch bar which debuts with some of the late 2016 MacBook Pro models. Our new touch bar controls enables you to control the timer from the touch bar as well as keep an eye on the time. Stop fiddling around with the cursor on time-critical events like chapter meetings and keep on top of the session all from the MacBook Pro’s keyboard!

When the Timer Controls window is active, the touch bar shows the start/stop buttons, speech type, orator name, and of course the current elapsed time. There is also a signal button to change the display’s color to the current time mark – perfect for dual-screen setups where you show the timer on an overhead projector. As you can see from the picture below, the touch bar functions as a compact form of the timer display.

Touch Bar – Timer controls

On the Timer Display window there is an additional button to activate the Timer Controls window. This helps when you need to make change the speech type or orator name real quick without distracting the flow of the session. Otherwise the controls are similar as the one in the Timer Control window.

Touch Bar – Timer Display

However on the Speech Types and Speech History windows, the Touch Bar mirrors the respective window’s tool bar buttons. This again saving you time from cursoring around with the touch pad and keep your hand on the keyboard for those quick editing functions.

Touch Bar – Speech Type and Speech History

Speech Timer 2.2 with Touch Bar support is a free upgrade to existing Speech Timer for Mac users. If you aren’t a user yet, you can try Speech Timer’s touch bar controls with in a free time-unlimited trial mode. When you’re ready to purchase, the full version of Speech Timer allows you to create your own speech timings as well as modify the pre-existing ones.

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