Scuttlebutt 2.1 adds Touch Bar Support

Scuttlebutt 2.1 adds support for the new MacBook Pro touch bar. Support is primarily in the form of context-sensitive buttons that changes depending on your focus. There are two main groupings of the touch bar layout — the Explore window buttons and the Chat window buttons.

Explore Window

The explore window controls mirror the controls on the window’s toolbar.

Explore window Touch Bar buttons

These buttons are stationary.

  • Compose – bring up the compose pop-up.
  • Refresh – reloads data from Yammer server.
  • Share – shares the currently highlighted item.

In addition the change section buttons are present only when space allows.

Next there are context-sensitive buttons depending on the highlighted cell.

Highlighting a message cell shows the reply or like buttons. Here you can like/unlike the selected message or reply to it.

In the user list view, the context sensitive button shows the user’s profile.

In the group cell view, the context sensitive button allows you to join or leave the selected group.

Chat Window

The chat window touch bar buttons allows you to navigate between areas of the window without needing to move the pointer. The arrow up and arrow down buttons becomes a way for you to switch between conversations.

Chat Window touch bar buttons


When there are no windows present, you’ll get a Compose button and two buttons to show the Chat or Explore windows.

Touch Bar buttons when there are no windows open

In Reply or Message pop-ups, the touch bar has a Send button that is near the center of the touch bar for easy access.

Compose and Reply touch bar buttons

All touch bar controls are configurable and you can define your own touch bar layouts.

If you don’t have the latest MacBook Pro yet, you can download the Touché app from Red Sweater Software and see what you are missing. The app simulates the touch bar display via a floating Window. Pretty much what you get from Xcode’s Touch Bar simulator, but without needing to run Xcode and keep it in memory.

That’s all for now. Take Care!


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