Stack Menu 1.1.1 Ready for Catalina

Stack Menu 1.1.1 is hardened, notarized, and ready for macOS 10.15 “Catalina”. This next release of macOS would require all applications to be notarized, which means all apps would be scanned by Apple for malware and its integrity verified by the operating system upon execution. This significantly dampens the impact of any virus infection happening to macOS systems and prevents such viruses from spreading into applications.

Stack Menu desktop screenshot

Being notarized also implies using a hardened runtime. Put simply this makes the app more secure – it reduces the potential of an app to be unexpectedly manipulated by 3rd parties or be exploited into an attack vector into the system, which is more important for apps that accesses almost arbitrary data from the Internet like what Stack Menu is doing.

If you already have a copy of Stack Menu, simply select “Check for Updates” from the gear button to update. Otherwise you can download from our site.

Stack Menu is our menu bar app for Stack Overflow (the website, not the error condition). Via Stack Menu you can quickly get answers to programming questions right from your mac’s menu bar – without leaving your programming environment.

Stack Menu is available for less than a song.

That’s all for now. Take care.


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