Interactive Paper Time Tracker

Lets face it, most of us only track time just because someone else told to. We wrestle with unfriendly, slow, and menacing time tracking software every week or every month when we submit our timesheets. Because the process is so discomforting then we don’t really think time tracking can actually improve our productivity.

Then what if I told you that there are ways to make time tracking more pleasant?

It’s all in the tools baby. Most of time tracking tools are built to please management and not geared towards improving personal productivity. Now what if there is a tool to actually help you to keep track of how you spent your time and how you can improve your life?

A personal productivity time tracker should be simple and fast to use. Most of the reporting should be embedded in the entry mechanism itself. It should be as easy to use as paper but without the hassle of printing out forms and summing up data.

A good time tracking software works just like paper but interactive. You’ll get your list of tasks in the left hand side and you track time spent on those tasks by filling in the bubbles that represents 15-minute intervals. Your appointments calendar is superimposed on your time sheet, so you’ll have a quick glance of what are the blocked-out times you have for the day. The current time is shown by a moving dotted line. Last but not least, the total amount of time spent for each task is shown on the right-hand side.

At this point, you’d probably expect to see a link to where you can buy this application. Alas we don’t have it yet. On the plus side, you can help us build this application – send in your comments and let us know what you really need in a time tracking tool to improve you life.

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