Project Rooster for Apple TV

Say that you’ve recently bought an Apple TV so that you can enjoy that video collection you’ve got stored in your NAS (Network-Attached Storage). All was great. Until one day you’re sitting on the couch and have everything set to watch this great movie only to find your NAS on stand-by. Reluctantly you got up from the sofa, turned on your laptop and send that wake-up command to start the NAS. All in all it took probably ten minutes, but the distraction took some of the evening’s good movie mood and enjoyment with it.

You start wondering: “Should I just disable the NAS’ power schedule and keep it running 24×7? What about the electricity bills? What about those drive’s lifespan?” You could just change the NAS’ power-on schedule, then again you can’t always foresee the times when you can have some movie watching moments.

If only there’s a way for the Apple TV to be more than a media player. Something to control the devices in your home network.

Rooster for Apple TV

We’re working on an app for the 4th generation Apple TV to solve this very problem. Utilizing the open “Wake-on-LAN” protocol, you don’t need to get up and leave your couch to power up your file servers since you can do that right from your Apple Remote.

Our wake-on-LAN app is much easier to use and more functional than the competition. It automatically scans your home network so that you don’t need to figure out your devices’ ethernet addresses. Put it on the top shelf of your Apple TV home screen and you can get an overview of your home network. However you can still enter MAC addresses manually if you really need it.

These are just some of the benefits of using our app:

  • Save electricity by keeping those PC servers asleep most of the time.
  • Prolong the service life of your network hard drives.
  • No more movie night mood breakers just to turn on the video server.

Interested? Sign up at the form below to get early access to the app. Since Apple limits the number of beta users, we can’t guarantee a seat for everyone. First-come, first-serve – don’t get behind the curve!

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