Resonate marketing site 2.0

We’ve just revised Resonate’s marketing site. After a number of researching, pivoting, and contemplating, we’ve settled to design Resonate as a Twitter client for use primarily by educators.

As shown in the landing page, the primary users of Resonate will be:

  • K-12 teachers – instructors of non-degree formal education, which covers elementary school up to but not including diploma-level schools.
  • College professors and their teaching assistants – instructors for diploma, undergraduate, and master degrees.
  • Product evangelists – or technology advocates in some company that speaks to educate the market about products or services that the company provides.

Why education? Because educators are thought leaders of small tribes: their students. Furthermore a number of researches and experiments have shown that proper use of Twitter can benefit both instructors and students, but it looks like this market is largely underserved.

Resonate landing page 2.0

Please have a look at the site: – and sign up there if you like to be a beta tester.

Thanks and take care.


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