Google Reader

Loading subscriptions from Google Reader

If you already have your favorite blogs and news sites setup in Google Reader, you can use those same feeds in News Anchor with two simple steps. To start this process, select Import from Google Reader… from the File menu. Note that you will need to have a working Internet connection for this.

Step One: Login to Google

Enter your Google ID and Password in the boxes provided. If you would like News Anchor to remember your password, turn on the Save login in your Keychain checkbox. When you have entered your Google credentials, click on Continue. News Anchor will then talk to Google and ask them to list your feeds.

Google Reader Import - Enter Google ID

Step Two: Choose Items

News Anchor will now list all the news feeds and folders that you have configured in Google Reader. News Anchor will treat folders in Google Reader as if they were channels.

Select the items that you want imported and click on Finish when you are done. Those items that can’t be selected means that you already have them configured in News Anchor. By default News Anchor will select all items that you have not setup in it.

Google Reader Import - Select Subscriptions

Notes on Importing

News Anchor matches channels to folders by their titles. For example, if you already have a channel in News Anchor named Business and a folder in Google Reader by the same name, then News Anchor will assign any feed that you import from that folder into the Business channel.

On the other hand, news feeds are matched by their URL (Internet address) and not by their title. This is to help ensure that the import process will not duplicate the feeds that you already have. Note that selecting a Google Reader folder does not mean importing all channels inside it.

After you have completed the import process, News Anchor will automatically start a refresh cycle. Since only the feed definitions (e.g. addresses) are imported, a refresh is needed to load the feeds’ articles into News Anchor.

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