Introducing Go Edit: The Markdown Editor That Loves Pictures

You love markdown. You love writing text without needing to fuss with formatting. You also love pictures. You’d love adding photos to your proses.

However your editor just gives you pain on the neck when you want images to go along with your markdown text. You need to upload your photos somewhere to be able to link it to your text – while making it visible for the world to see in the process. Of course sometimes you don’t want the entire world to see your photos.

Then what can you do?

Introducing Go Edit.

Go Edit allows you to write in markdown and embed images in markdown documents. You can also use it to write in WYSISYG HTML rich text mode and switch back-and-forth with Markdown any time you like. That way you don’t need to choose whether to use a Markdown app or an HTML app because Go Edit can do both. Start writing in Markdown mode and then switch to rich-text HTML mode when you’d like to view the end result and make touch-ups. Otherwise when you get your muse back and need rapid editing, simply switch back to Markdown mode.

Markdown Editor Mode



How is this possible?

Go Edit uses the open Textbundle document format at its core. This is an open standard that is also used by many other writing tools such Ulysses and Highlights. Textbundle binds markdown files together with its images into a single file package, allowing you to compose markdown documents containing text. Yet Textbundle are simply file packages – which are merely a special type of folder. Thus you can choose to open the markdown or HTML file using any other text editor.

Go Edit’s built-in image editor enables you to crop images as well as use other applications’ image editing capability. For example you can easily annotate images in Skitch straight from inside Go Edit.

Built-in photo cropping function

Other features

When you’re ready to share your notes, Go Edit can export single-file HTML document with all images embedded in-line. Yes they are encoded within the HTML file as in-line data references and can be passed along easily through e-mail or iMessage. Moreover they won’t need Go Edit or a word processor to open these files – any web browser can easily handle it.

However you can also share as .textpack files that can be opened with other instances of Go Edit or other applications supporting the Textbundle standard. Textpack files are simply textbundle packages compressed in ZIP format and part of the Textbundle standard.

Next Action

So, what are you waiting for? Download Go Edit now and don’t let markdown stop you from having photos in your prose!


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