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News Anchor 2.4 Release Notes

We’re happy to say that News Anchor 2.4 is now available for you to download. Mac App Store customers can open the App Store application and have a look at its Update section whereas direct-download customers can simply choose the “Check for Updates” menu option under the application menu. Summary of changes in this version: […]

News Anchor 2.3.1 release notes

This version is primarily a maintenance release containing bug fixes and small enhancements. Fixed the crashing bug when you play a channel, pause it, and then immediately stop the playback. We’re really sorry for this to slip our testing. Fixed the issue when creating podcast files from a channel that has filename-unsafe titles. Added the […]


Google Reader Import – News Anchor 2.3 Release Notes

We are happy to say that you can now bring your Google Reader subscriptions into News Anchor in version 2.3. This greatly simplifies the process of adding feed subscriptions into News Anchor and configuring channels for those subscriptions. When you import your Google Reader reading list, your tags will automatically become channels and will automatically […]


The All-New News Anchor

News Anchor 2.0 is launched today with the Mac App Store’s debut. With News Anchor you can now listen to your favorite blogs and news sites and simply sit back, relax, and enjoy as the virtual newscaster reads you the news. The look and feel have been completely revamped with a fresh selection of news […]

News Anchor 1.1.9 release notes

Changes and fixes in News Anchor 1.1.9: Channels are only re-generated when an assignment is made. Added the ability to skip reading headlines (set in the application’s preferences). Stability improvements (really!). Faster refresh cycle Added the ability to skip reading headlines (set in the application’s preferences). Obsolete channel episodes are now cleaned up Added integrated […]

News Anchor 1.1 release notes

Version 1.1 changes and fixes Ability to skip articles being read or review previous articles. Improved graphics. Better performance on Macbook Air. Stability improvements. Improved article aggregation algorithm. Improved starter data file.